OIL for Clipper/Trimmer/Scissors 120ML

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120ML Scissors Oil Electric Hair Clipper Oil Lubricating Oil Lube Oil Head Cut Lubricating Oil Prevent Rusting For Salon Tools

Bullet Points:

1、Practical for Use: It can prevent rust and extend the life of the scissors.
2、Multi-functional and Powerful: Multi-functional and powerful lubrication to protect all-round protective metal components.
3、Strong Resistance: It features smooth fluidity, strong abrasion resistance and fast penetration.
4、Durable to Use: The possibility of reducing the cutter becomes erased.
5、Essential for Use: Micro-molecule deep lubrication, refined by mineral base oil distillation technology, is the of lubricating oil.
Name: Scissors Lubricant
Product Volume: about 120ML
Features: It reduces the possibility of blade to wipe off, smooth flow, strong abrasion resistance, fast penetration performance.

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